Optimize Warehouse Operation

There are largely 3 solutions to help operations of warehouses and distribution centers: warehouse management systems(WMS), warehouse control systems(WCS) and warehouse execution systems(WES).

A warehouse management system(WMS) is a software solution that manages a broad range of processes in warehouse operations. It is designed specially to control the flow of inventory from receiving to putaway, replenishment and shipping, and provide visibility into inventory. It is the highest level of software used in a warehouse and communicates with ERP systems of enterprises.
A warehouse control system(WCS) is a software solution that integrates and controls various automation equipment in real time used in a warehouse such as conveyors, sorters, palletizers, AS/RS, etc. to maximize the efficiency of the material handling subsystems.
A warehouse execution system(WES) is a software solution that optimizes work processes executed in a warehouse in real time by orchestrating all warehouse resources; equipment, labor and inventory resources. It is especially helpful to warehouses and distribution centers with high volume and demand for fast and accurate order fulfillment for same day or next day delivery such as e-commerce fulfillment operations where a WMS or WCS can’t meet their needs.

We provide you with the most suitable solution by thoroughly analyzing your needs.