Automation System for Checkweighing

Development of technology for an automation system to check the weight of food materials

Government department concerned

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Overview of the technology

It is a technology for an automation system that reduces labor intensity and time required for checkweighing and sortation of food materials.

Objective of the technological development

To reduce workload of workers, improve processing speed and realize transparent distribution for food materials by developing an automation system for checkweighing and sorting in a warehouse.

Composition of the system

Conveying system, checkweighing system, sorting system and information processing system

Needs for the technology

  • Expansion of the online market for food materials and the rapid market growth of half-finished food products
  • Increasing small frequent multi-item orders
  • Growing demand to improve issues of insufficient inspection due to manual checkweighing and recording and undocumented transactions for food materials when receiving and shipping
  • Need for accurate and fast sortation


System length Operation time Item dimensions (mm) Item weight (kg) Speed Mechanical throughput
8m 8 hours Min. 150x150x100
Max. 500x800x500
Min. 0.2
Max. 20
60m/min 3,600pcs/hr

Tested by the accredited testing institute KTL.

Test Report by KTL

Applications of the technology

Warehouses and distribution centers for food materials, food and beverage factories, etc.

Test Report by KTL

Relevant intellectual property

Type Title No Status
Copyright Conveyor operation system for checking the weight of food materials C-2018-013216 Registered