Up, Down, Right and Left Adjustable Conveyor

Development of technology for a up, down, right and left adjustable conveyor system to reduce labor intensity for loading and unloading parcels

Government department concerned

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Overview of the technology

It is a technology for a conveyor system that moves upwards, downwards, leftwards and rightwards to reduce labor intensity for loading and unloading parcels.

Composition of the system

3 modules in total; front conveyor(pivoting conveyor), middle conveyor, rear conveyor

Needs for the technology

  • Rapidly growing parcel volumes due to the strong growth of e-commerce, etc.
  • Increasing demand for fast and accurate delivery service
  • Increasing demand to improve issues of high dependency on human labor and injuries due to high labor intensity when loading and unloading parcels
  • Need for improving parcel processing speed which is limited due to manual work by workers


Item Performance
Type Mobile type
Entire system System dimensions 3,000mm x 650mm x 700mm
System weight 500kg ~ 600kg
Pivoting conveyor Conveyor length ≥ 3,000mm
Belt width ≥ 610mm
Max. weight allowed 200kg
Angle Upwards & downwards ≥ 45°
Leftwards & rightwards -15° ~ +15° (pivoting range 30°)
Belt speed With load 23.2m/min ~ 36.6m/min
Without load 23.2m/min ~ 60m/min
Conveyor height Standard height 800mm ~ 1,100mm
Max. height 1,850mm
Min. height 300mm
Conveyor moving speed Without load 15.3m/min

Tested by the accredited testing institute KTL

Test Report by KTL

Applications of the technology

Warehouses, distribution centers, airports, ports, factories, etc.

Relevant intellectual property

Type Title No Status
Patent Conveyor system capable of moving upwards, downwards, leftwards and rightwards 10-2018-0079211 Applied
Design Lift for cargo transportation 30-1009508 Registered
Copyright Status information system (SIS) C-2019-036368 Registered