High-Speed Parcel Sorter

Development of technology for a cross-belt type high-speed parcel sorter capable of operating at a speed of 4m/sec

Government department concerned

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Overview of the technology

It is a technology for a cross-belt type sortation system that automatically sorts parcels with maximum 50kg operating at a speed of 4m/s to be used in warehouses and distribution centers for fast and accurate parcel delivery.

Needs for the technology

  • Increasing demand for high-speed parcel processing due to the growth of the e-commerce market
  • A high dependence on import for high-speed sorters
  • Need for domestically produced sorters to reduce costs for purchase and maintenance
  • Need for a sortation system that sorts items based on their characteristics and sizes due to increasing small multi-item orders


Core performance Conveying speed Throughput of induction system Item dimensions (mm) Item weight (kg) Sortation error (%)
4.0m/s 5,000pcs/hr Min.200x200x20
Min. 0.2
Max. 50

Core performances of the cross-belt sorter developed were tested by the accredited testing institute KTL.

Test Report by KTL

Applications of the technology

Large-scale distribution centers of delivery service companies, large-scale fulfillment centers of e-commerce companies, etc.

Test Report by KTL

Relevant intellectual property

Type Title No Status
Patent Control system for ultrahigh-speed sortation system 10-1708852 Registered
Patent Tipper linked with belt conveyor system 10-1708857 Registered
Patent Dual carrier for ultrahigh-speed sortation system 10-1762883 Registered